Tourism in the Ojai Valley – Sunday, November 19th, 2017

ojai tourism image

It’s no secret: Ojai runs on tourism. It provides at least 30% of the city’s operating budget, and the industry provides far more jobs than any other in town.

Longtime residents frequently bemoan the changes this influx of tourists has brought to the valley — even as merchants benefitted from the change. Epic battles over topics such as short-term rentals and funding for the Ojai Visitors Bureau have raged both in City Council chambers and on Facebook community pages.

There’s no question that Ojai’s attempts to market itself in recent years have been effective. But why is tourism the driving force of Ojai’s economy? Is it good or bad for our community? Has it always been this way? Are there other options? And what did that Edward Drummond Libbey guy have to do with all of this?

The Panelists were:
Caryn Bosson, Leslie Clark, Michael Haley, Johnny Johnston, Hallie Katz, and Dennis Rice. Tom Krause, President of the Ojai Chautauqua Committee, will be moderating.

The Advisory Committee was:
Misty Volaski, Kit Stoltz, Scott Eicher, Tim Dewar, Veronica Cole, Andrew Cantwell, Kimberly McLin, Bill Moses, Bret Bradigan, and Ulrich Brugger.

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