Donate to Build Community, Civility, and Intelligence

Please consider becoming a partner of the Ojai Chautauqua. By doing so, you will facilitate the intelligent expression of ideas and enable our community to participate in meaningful conversation. You will help to spread an environment of civility, thoroughness, compromise, and patience… Qualities needed so much in this divisive age.

Thank you.


Founding Members – $5,000 per year +


Founding Members elevate hearts and minds by enabling the Ojai Community to participate in forums examining a broad spectrum of important but controversial ideas.

They receive tickets to all events, special invitations to small dinner discussions with panelists and moderators, and are invited to participate in all content and strategy planning meetings. Founding Members are recognized in all Chautauqua printed materials, the website, and at all events.

Contributing Members – $2,500 per year


Contributing Members enrich the discussion opportunities by underwriting participation of the best and brightest panelists. They receive special invitations to private dinner discussions with the Chautauqua panelists and moderators and are recognized in all Chautauqua materials, the website, and at all events.

Supporting Member – $1,000 per year


Supporting members are the economic engine of these idea forums. They provide the student and teacher scholarships available at each Ojai Chautauqua event. This rare opportunity turns emotional debate into an educational discussion that encourages mutual understanding and respect. They are recognized in all Chautauqua materials, the website, and at all events.

Sponsors –

Please give at whatever level you can. We will be able to continue this quality programming with your support. Thank you!


  Supporting Foundations
  The Shanbrom Family Foundation
  The Constance Eaton and William Hart Fund
  The Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce
  The Ventura Community Foundation
  Founding Members
  Allen and Marilyn Camp
  Lynn Carter
  Maurice Chasse and Marilyn Wallace
  Tom and Cathryn Krause
  Mike and Ann Morris
  Lois Rice
  Ester and Tom Wachtell
  Supporting Members
  Kate Barnhart
  Jamie and Carolyn Bennett
  Lynn Gardner
  Stephen Lesser
  David Korse and Sally Matteson
  George Berg   Mary Bergen
  Curt Biern   Carl Bobkoski
  Sharon Bushman   Vance Carney
  Leslie Clark   Sean Clark
  Roger and Patrick Essick   Karen and Bill Evenden
  Karen Farr   Duane Georgeson
  Barbara Gibson and William Shields   John Hidley
  Johnny Johnston   Irmgard Lake
  Cathleen Lynch   Arthur Marquis
  Pam Melone   Laurel Moore
  Christopher Newell and Gillian McManus   Simone Noble
  Ron and Linda Phillips   Suzanne Pidduck
  Porch Gallery   Barry and Donna Rabe
  Stephen and Rosarie Pronovost   Judy Pugh
  Barry and Donna Rabe   Jan Rains
  Ann Ralston   Julie Rischar
  John and Peggy Russell   Tanya Sandberg
  Geoffrey Schneider   Pierra and Beverly Schuberth
  Laura Seigle   Ruth Seigle
  Carol Shaw-Sutton   Paula Spellman
  Eugene Stemm   Beth Stephens
  Michael Swimmer   Tony Thacher
  Guy and Leone Webster   Guy and Leone Webster
  Marion Weil   Merrill Williams


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